BASIC CLEAN                                                       BATHROOMs :   

*Sink thoroughly cleaned,disinfected,rinsed and dry.

*Tub and-or shower tiles thoroughly cleaned,disinfected,rinsed and dry.

*Vanity top clean.

*Toilets disinfected inside and out.

*Mirrors cleaned.

*Trash emptied.*Sweep and mop floors.  

kitchen :

*Countertops  cleaned (all items remove and replaced).

*Sinks scrubbed,disinfected and dry.

*Floor sweept and mop.

*Exterior of appliances(stovetop,oven,dishwasher,refrigerator,)cleaned.

*microwave clean inside and out.

*Trash emptied.

*Clean or dust table.


*Carpets vacuumed.

*All areas dusted.

*Picture frames dusted.

*Mirrors cleaned.

*Trash emptied.


*Cushions and pillows fluffed and straightened.

*Hardwoods or tile floors sweep and mopped.

*Carpeted floors vacuumed.

*Glass table cleaned. *Picture frames dusted.


​                                                                                                      DEEP CLEAN  


*Sink thoroughly cleaned,disinfected,rinsed and dry.

*Chrome fixtures cleaned and shined.

*Tub and-or shower tiles thoroughly,rinsed and dry.

*Toilets disinfected inside and out.

*Vanity top clean. *Mirrors clean.

*Windowsills wiped down.*Trash empty.

*Baseboards dusted or wiped down

*Sweep and mop floor.

*cabinets cleaned from outside. 


*Countertops and backsplash cleaned(all items removed and replaced).

*Cabinet fronts cleaned.

*Sinks scrubbed ,disinfected and dry.

*Floor sweept and mop.

*Exterior of appliances (oven, refrigerator,dishwasher,stovetop)cleaned.

*Clean and dry interior and exterior of microwave.

*Small appliances wiped,Windowsills cleaned,Baseboards dusted or wiped.

*Trash emptied.


*Carpets vaccumed.

*All areas dusted-on top,on front and underneath.

*Pictures frames dusted.*Mirrors cleaned*Windowsills  cleaned.*Trash emptied.*Baseboards dusted or wiped. 

Living room area :

*Cushions and pillows fluffed and straightened.

*Hardwood or tile floors sweep and mopped.*Carpeted floors vacuumed.*Baseboards dusted and cobwebs removed.*windowsills wiped down.*Glass table cleaned.*Picture frames dusted.*Ceiling fans dusted.

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